Upstream Provider Outage

Uptime Impact: 8 hours, 44 minutes, and 31 seconds

All teams have reported everything is working properly. We will continue to monitor.


Our upstream provider has confirmed the issue has been resolved. Attacks like this tend to come in waves so we will keep this status as recovering till we confirm complete mitigation.


Our upstream provider is still working on mitigating the attack. This is now an industry-wide event that reaches most internet phone providers. We still see mostly successful calls and will continue to monitor the situation.


We are continuing to see positive results from our provider's mitigation efforts. We will continue to monitor for full restoration.


We are seeing an elevated level of call failures. All teams are continuing to work on the issue.


Our upstream provider has confirmed they are still mitigating a denial of service attack. We will continue to provide updates, you may notice poor phone quality at this time.


One of our upstream providers is currently experiencing intermittent issues with calling. Calls appear to be processing as expected, but we are getting some reports of DTMF functions (pressing digits on an IVR) not working properly. We are investigating the issue.

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Affected components
  • Phones